What about the iGaming industry?

The Gambling industry is a fast developing sector and all the available technology opens new opportunities and new demands for localization.

Game developers turn the online gambling in an adventure. All game content, gaming and betting platforms, User Interface messages, rules, instructions, marketing material, press releases, payment terms, terms & conditions need to be fully localized for the end-user to experience the game with the same intensity as initially designed for the mother audience.

Paspartu has extensive experience in iGaming as we have localized many mini multilingual games - desktop & mobile for online and land -based release. All the iGaming content is translated by native linguists, gamers and transcreation specialists through a standard processes of translation, revision & quality control (Q.C.C).
Moreover, Paspartu’s IT team handles all types of files formatting .json, xml, HTML5.

Do you bet on us?

Our “winning - hand” is our know-how, our seasoned translation team tested in over 70.000 projects in the past 10 year, coupled with significant technology perks and streamlined project management!
Our Subject Matter Experts are aware of the restrictions imposed by various market regulations which should be adapted and followed for the smooth launch of the games in new regions.

What can we translate?

  • Mini - games (online & desktop)
  • Gaming & betting platforms
  • UIs
  • Legal documents (Market regulations, Terms & conditions)
  • Financial documents
  • Marketing (website, press releases, e-mail campaigns)
  • as well as any other files and content needed by the client