Smart Ranking™

At Paspartu we understand that the success of your business  depends to a great extent on the quality of the translation & localization provided for your website, brochures, labels, instructions, manuals etc.

Choosing the right translation partner is not an easy task- but we are trying to make your decision easier by being completely transparent about the way we select and assign our resources, the same resources that will be working on your projects.

At Paspartu we have clearly defined guidelines for resources selection and for quality assurance. This means that there is uniformity in the standard of work you will be receiving from us, regardless of the language combination or specialism.

Good management of resources and processes plus simple mathematics helped us design and implement a useful tool for selecting and assigning the most suitable translator for each job- Smart Ranking,while maintaining a uniform translation standard.

How does it works?
- mix a large pool of tested available translators, with standardised quality control procedures, and with a set of mathematically defined features to evaluate translators and their work

What’s in it for you?
Finding the perfect match- the best translator & support team to respond to the specific requirements of each project

What are the minimum criteria for selecting our translators? 

  • translate exclusively into their mother-tongue
  • at least 3 years of professional, full-time translation experience
  • a university-level degree in Translation studies or other fields
  • registered with relevant professional translator associations

At Paspartu we go beyond minimum criteria and aim for the best. This is why we developed Smart Ranking.

Smart Ranking is a decision platform that combines the flexibility of human choice with the accuracy of mathematics to identify the best translator match for each project.

Smart Ranking takes into account more than 30 characteristics (quality and delivery of previous jobs, turnaround, availability, etc.) referring both to the translator and the translation process. The result of this analysis is a number that represents the degree to which each translator matches the requirements of your assignment.

Using Smart Ranking ensures excellent results as it is based on a mathematical model analysing more than 60.000 projects completed since the company was set up in 2006.