Quality assurance in game translation

It is important for game developers to understand the kind of services to require and expect from the translation agency they chose as a partner for translating their games into various languages.

The success of the translation can often have a great impact on how the game itself will be received in a new market.

A professional agency will perform translation, proofreading, bug fixing and if required, testing for proper quality assurance.

Under the general umbrella-term of translation, we should include transcreation and localization.

Each stage mentioned above should be performed by native linguists, copywriters, localization professionals, editors (proofreaders) and other similar professionals thoroughly tested by the translation provider.

Another significant step in quality assurance consists in employing specific software and terminology experts to check, update and create translation memory for each project and game. Resorting to a project’s translation memory ensures not only consistent terminology, but also reduces translation costs and time needed to market a game for a new audience.