Electronic Appliances & Manufacturing

Paspartu has considerable experience in assisting electronic appliances producers and manufacturing companies when launching their products abroad. Paspartu will use Subject Matter Experts, linguists with a technical background, dedicated Project Managers and the right translation tools to produce the level of quality you need. The home and industrial electronics translation team will integrate your corporate glossary with our own industry specific terminology database that will result in accurate and consistent translations.

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in completing translation projects for products in the following areas:

  • Home appliances (washing machines, fridge, cookers, washer – dryers, oven, microwaves)
  • Hand cutting and Power Tools
  • Home improvement tools
  • Material handling products
  • Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Plumbing Products
  • Lawn Equipment Products
  • Farm Machinery Products
  • Home Small Appliances
  • Gardening Equipment Products
  • Home Security Products
  • Electronic components products
  • Security & Surveillance products
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Gas & oil related equipment
  • Energy related equipment
  • Water processing equipment and machinery

We work with all the file formats used in the home and industrial electronics, and manufacturing industry and have developed the expertise on how to handle them. 

All translation services for the home and industrial electronics industry are processed through our translation management system PathPartu.Net. The system is proven to enhance coordination efforts and optimize synergies. The system also entails specific work processes that are tailored to the requirements of the industry and the commissioning authorities by incorporating all contractual terms given by the customer from the very start of each project.

As a result, companies in the home appliance industry trusted Paspartu with projects that cover:

  • catalogues
  • user manuals
  • instructions for use
  • fact sheets
  • product specifications sheets
  • installation manuals
  • labeling
  • marketing collateral
  • product registrations
  • environmental compliance documentation
  • call for tenders
  • EU directives
  • regulatory forms
  • training material
  • warranty documentation
  • white papers
  • safety work sheets
  • quality control sheets 
  • reference guides
  • advertising and promo campaigns
  • Online help documentation
  • website
  • e-shop related files
  • certificates of guarantee