About Us

Providing local and international clients with high-quality translation and localization services since 2006, Paspartu is your one-stop translation provider covering most European and Asian languages.

Paspartu is based in high-tech, modern facilities in Athens, Greece.


The company employs 25 in-house professionals and over 550 freelancers working with state of the art technology infrastructure, ready to scale up and down as needed to meet your fluctuating translation volume demands. 

Paspartu is staffed by a team of highly motivated, qualified personnel who hold graduate and postgraduate degrees from Greek, Chinese and European universities, combined with a deep knowledge of the translation industry.

The expertise of Paspartu staff ensures the provision of prompt and accurate translation services, as well as top quality management for the completion of each translation project. 

Translations are performed only by qualified and experienced language professionals, through a wide network created and developed by Paspartu, under the permanent supervision and assessment of the company's Internal Quality Control Department.