3.000.000 words, 8 Languages : Translation of medical and technical documents

We handled: Translation of medical and technical documents (i.e certificates, product information, technical manuals, lab instruments, analysis kits, reagents and consumables, commercial agreements, medical safety data sheets, labelling, presentations, package leaflets etc) in these categories: Life Sciences, Clinical Diagnostics, Biotechnology, Spectroscopy, Legal. The type files of the project varied from word documents to .ppt, .xls, pdf, .indd, .fm, .htm. The volume of the project was 3.000.000 words in English, French and Greek and the company required high quality translations in: English, Italian, Greek, Spanish, French.

Customer said: Barbara C.,"Paspartu has translated for us over 6.000 pages of documents in the field of pharmacology & medicine, (medical safety data sheets, description of pharmaceutical products, chemical properties, monographs, clinical trials, labelling, clinical research and presentations, package leaflets etc). Their customer service is great just like the quality of the translations they deliver!”

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