Terminology Management

Paspartu's Terminology management addresses your global information challenges by unifying the entire information management process of your global content.

Globalization has raised the stakes across every industry. Agile companies that introduce new innovative products to markets fast are rewarded accordingly. The outcome of those properties is increase in sales and creation of competitive advantage. Companies that think globally but at the same time speak locally to customers and in their native language enjoy long lasting profitable customer relationships.

However, the management of global content and corporate information may be disrupted with unwanted outcomes. Reasons often due to:

  • Communication between locations and or departments may not be uniform/ different departments may be using different translation suppliers
  • Every location/department has its own processes and procedures
  • Content creation and multilingual tools are not shared or utilized throughout the organization
  • Companies utilize limited resources for content creation, project management, localization, and quality assurance
  • Different formats are applied throughout the content creation procedure thus requiring manual file conversion

Paspartu's Terminology management addresses these global information challenges by unifying and enhancing the entire information management process, from content creation through acquisition, management, localization, and provisioning, to publication of global content. By following our solutions, clients achieve the following:

  • Decreasing time‐to‐market by prohibit delays between local and international product launches
  • Improve the quality of the communication with customers by producing accurate, targeted, and consistent global content
  • Multiplying the global content created through marketing campaigns and launch of products which generates new sales sources
  • Amplify your global brand through consistent communication worldwide but enhancing it with local cultural flair
  • Embed the available multilingual assets to all of your organization content creation process stages and see your costs reduced
  • Regulatory requirements could be easily administered in local languages through content and process control

Utilizing Paspartu’s terminology solutions infrastructure and professional services you can ensure consistent terminology throughout your supply chain. It’s all about enabling consistency from the minute content is created, through to translation and into the hands of our customer, ultimately ensuring consistent branding and our customer satisfaction globally. The benefits that our customers enjoy from utilizing our terminology solutions are:

  • Improved publication quality and customer experience — ensuring that every communication uses approved terminology, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Secure corporate global brand — maintaining consistent global brand identity in any market, encouraging faster local market adoption
  • Increased speed-to-market and business agility — enabling rapid content creation across multiple languages and delivery channels for faster new market entry and response
  • Effective translation management — providing accurate and approved terminology with real-time verification during the translation process
  • Create corporate glossaries — automatically extracting terminology from existing and new content to rapidly create a comprehensive dictionary