Translation Workflows and Processes

Translation workflow and processes- translation, revision, proofreading, quality control, DTP. Our workflow and how we adjust to your workflow and systems.

Paspartu is willing to integrate and adjust to your unique internal workflow and systems. Below you can find an overview of the workflows and stages of our standard translation process:

  • Project Preparation Stage
  • Translation Stage
  • Translation Delivery and Review Stage 

Our workflows and processes include the following steps depending on the nature of the translation or localization project:

  • Localization workflow
    • ensures terminology and stylistic consistency
    • leverages previously-translated words and phrases
    • preserves file integrity (preservation of file format and protection of non-translat­able elements)
    • manages file versions using source code control
    • records and tracks bugs and other issues
  • Translation & localization knowledge database: during the management of a project Paspartu's workflows and processes have build in mechanisms that propose actions / solutions based on issues occurred in past projects (answers to questions, solutions to problems, etc.)
  • Engineering checks: Every file is checked by an engineer before final delivery: format, text encoding, code integrity, etc.
  • QA (Quality Assurance) process: we follow a well-defined testing process that includes linguistic and, when necessary, visual (screen layout) testing. If you require functional testing, Paspartu can accommodate that service as well. In more detail, our Quality Control Process checks the following parameters:
    • Source content analysis
    • Terminology & Glossaries building
    • Translation by first linguist
    • Review by Second linguist
    • In country proofreading for cultural awareness and localization of material
    • Quality Assurance (QA)
    • Quality Cross Check performed on a randomly selected sample of the translated text
    • Final Sign – Off