Dentistry - Dental devices and technologies

In recent years Dentistry has gained a separate status as an independent branch of medical studies, with its own peculiarities that should be thoroughly reflected by the translation industry.

Our separate Dentistry Unit at Paspartu focuses exclusively on this sub-field of our Medical Devices Department, employing qualified Subject Matter Experts with degree and relevant translation experience in the dentistry field.

Our Subject Matter Experts will build a glossary with your key technical terminology while our Project Management team will make sure to incorporate, save and update this glossary into our Translation Memory technologies.

At Paspartu we have specific expertise in:

  • Implants
  • Instruments
  • Materials science
  • Educational equipment
  • Prosthetics
  • Software

Types of files we typically translate for our clients in Dentistry:

  • Technical literature: Instructions for Use, Technical Manuals, Case Reports, Safety Data Sheets
  • Marketing documentation: websites, brochures, product catalogues, newsletters, applications.